Is the VENT-LS meant to replace full-feature ventilators?

The VENT-LS was designed by RTs for RTs. It is an elegantly simple yet highly capable ventilator, that is extremely easy-to-use.

The VENT-LS is a continuous use, emergency ventilator intended to provide invasive and noninvasive ventilatory support for adult patients > 35kg of weight with respiratory insufficiency or failure. The VENT-LS is to be used under prescription only and is intended to be used in hospitals, hospital type-facilities, or other institutional health care environments. The VENT-LS provides patients with emergency ventilatory support when no alternative, standard ventilators are available.

The VENT-LS is intended for use by qualified physicians and respiratory therapists who have undergone training on the use of the VENT-LS ventilator. It provides three (3) modes of ventilation: Pressure Control (PC), Volume Control (VC), and Assist (AM).