Our Mission

Accessible medical equipment

We build and deliver accessible medical equipment that disrupts the hospital value ecosystem and improves healthcare equality.

Quality medical equipment

Designed, sourced & built in the United States

Medical equipment has become prohibitively expensive and dependent on foreign supply chains. We started Enexor Health Systems to design and manufacture accessible and disruptive medical solutions for the world, not just the U.S.


Our pricing strategy reduces acquisition and operational costs


Built to deploy and operate in virtually any environment or condition


Designed and built locally in the U.S, without depending on foreign supply chains


Designed by end-users to provide a user-friendly and easy-to-learn experience

Our leadership team

A proven and experienced team driven to build a successful world-class company

Michael Carter


Brad Parsons


Lauren Gates


Jamie Hartman


Paige Heard


Robert Panas



Accessible solutions

Healthcare Institutions

On-site applications

Developing Nations

On-site applications

Home Healthcare

On-site applications

University Hospitals

On-site applications

Humanitarian Aid

Deployment applications

Military & Defense

Deployment applications

Disaster Relief

Deployment applications

Emergency Response

Deployment applications

Meet our Experienced

Board Members

Doug Swanson

SVP Sales & Marketing and COO


Lee Jestings

Founder & CEO

Enexor BioEnergy

John Adams

VP & Managing Director

Gaylord Hotels at Marriott Intl.

Andy Sale

VP Commercial Market Development

iRythm technologies

Darren Gottschalk

Retired VP and GM

Enterprise Holdings Inc.

Chad Zarig

Executive Leadership

memic innovative surgery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Franklin, Tennessee; about 20 minutes south of Nashville.

Enexor Health Systems was founded by Lee Jestings and launched by the Enexor team in 2020.

As a startup company, we are constantly growing and evolving our business model. Renovating our website has been a big part of it, and we can’t wait to launch our re-designed customer support platform. In the meantime, if you need help with any equipment leased or purchased from us in the past 3 years, please reach out through one of the channels on our “Contact” page, and we’ll be more than glad to assist you.