General Questions

Where is the VENT-LS manufactured?

Every VENT-LS is manufactured in the United States at Enexor’s manufacturing facility located in Franklin, Tennessee – a suburb of Nashville.

What and who is Enexor Health Systems?

Enexor Health Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enexor Energy LLC, and specializes in the development of affordable, easy-to-use medical devices.

What is the VENT-LS?

The VENT-LS is a continuous use, emergency ventilator intended to provide invasive and noninvasive ventilatory support for adult patients weighing over 35kg, experiencing respiratory insufficiency or failure.  The VENT-LS is to be used under prescription only and is intended for use in hospitals, hospital type-facilities, or other institutional health care environments. The VENT-LS provides patients …

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Where are you shipping the VENT-LS?

The VENT-LS is proudly manufactured in Tennessee and can be shipped anywhere in the world. For more information on shipping to countries outside the United States please contact us.

Is the VENT-LS FDA approved?

The VENT-LS is approved for use by the FDA under the Emergency Use Authorization (dated March 24, 2020).  It was added to Appendix B of the Emergency Use Authorization Letter on June 10, 2020. You can view the VENT-LS authorization status here.

How do I order the VENT-LS?

Please reach out to Enexor Health Systems directly at info@ or +1 (615) 224-8466 to speak with one of our business specialists.

How much does one VENT-LS unit cost?

The VENT-LS was engineered to be substantially less expensive than full-feature ventilators. For pricing and shipping cost inquiries, please reach out to Enexor Health Systems directly at info@ or +1 (615) 224-8466, and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you.