What are the alarm settings and are they adjustable?

The VENT-LS has built-in alarms to alert the clinician when a patient and/or ventilator issue occurs. When an alarm is activated, an audible sound is emitted and a powerful light on top of the VENT-LS flashes. The HMI screen will also flash red when alarms are active. Audible sounds can be silenced for up to […]

In assist mode, how does the Ventilator detect a spontaneous breath from the patient?

The X-VENT uses a configurable¬†pressure threshold to detect a breath from the patient. In order for a patient to trigger a spontaneous breath, the breath attempt must meet 4 conditions: Expiratory time must exceed inspiratory time set point. Expiratory pressure must be within +0.3/-0.1 cmH2O of PEEP setting. The difference between measured inspiratory and expiratory […]

Can the VENT-LS be used to treat pediatric patients?

The VENT-LS is not currently labeled to treat pediatric patients per the FDA labeling guidelines and regulations.  The ventilator is currently labeled with a minimum inspiratory tidal volume of 200 mL.

Does the VENT-LS protect against aerosolizing the viruses during inhalation or exhalation?

The VENT-LS is a non-recirculating system where the inspiratory and expiratory lines are separate. For inspiration, room air is filtered through a bracket-mounted HEPA air filter. This filter is changed according to instructions provided in the user manual. The expiratory line uses a patient circuit HEPA filter, located at the bulkhead, which needs to be […]